Dave Kilbey Training and Consultancy

Dave Kilbey specialises in providing training and consultancy to businesses on all facets of digital imaging including photography, scanning, image editing and building digital collections.



"This was some of the best training I've ever had. And I've even remembered some of it! Great job".

"Very positive feedback from all my staff who attended the training. Particularly impressed by how well it was geared to different levels of prior knowledge and experience, and how helpful it was to have all that information presented in one place".

Attendees of LifeShare Project training course
Leeds, Sheffield and York Universities


"The training was delivered really well so that I understood complicated concepts in a way that I didn't before".

Josette Reeves
Unilever Archives


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About Dave

Dave Kilbey is a freelance digital imaging trainer and consultant.  He cut his teeth as the senior trainer at JISC Digital Media at the University of Bristol where he managed the training programme for four years and wrote and taught a wide variety of digital media related courses. 

He has worked with a wide range of individuals and organisations including the British Library, the BBC, the Palace of Westminster and a large range of the UK's museums, galleries and Higher Education institutions.

Dave is a professional photographer and a freelance writer.... See more