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Adobe Lightroom - Advanced


Building on the Lightroom fundamentals course this workshop looks in more depth at the features of this invaluable programme.  This course will focus firstly on how to effectively and efficiently manage an image collection followed by an exploration of Lightroom’s Slideshow, Print and Web modules.  Lightroom’s integration with Photoshop and its new Web 2.0 capabilities will also be explored.

Course Pre-requisites

A good knowledge of Lightroom, preferably by completion of the Lightroom fundamentals course and familiarity with the Windows Operating System.

Course Outline

The Library Module:

The Develop module:
The Slideshow module
The Print module:
The Web module:

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One of Lightroom‘s many strengths is its excellent handling of image editing combined with its image management functionality. Learn how to harness the full power of this exciting application and transform your imaging workflow practices. Lightroom versions 2 and 3 can be catered for.


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