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Adobe Lightroom - Fundamentals


This workshop is designed to get you up and running with Adobe Photoshop Lightroom; a combined image management and editing program. Geared for photographers Lightroom is the ideal application with which to import, process, store and output large quantities of photographs effectively and efficiently.

Course Pre-requisites

No prior experience of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is required although you will need familiarity with the Windows Operating System.

Course Outline


The Library Module (Importing Images):
The Library Module (Organising Images):
Develop module:


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Adobe Photoshop Lightroom has revolutionised the way many photographers work. A state of the art program, it is designed to enable you to both edit and manage your images with ease. Lightroom is ideal for working with RAW files and is able to edit files non-destructively meaning that your images not only look at their best but maintain their original quality. Lightroom versions 2 and 3 can be catered for.


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