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Open Content Licensing - The Pros and Cons of Using Creative Commons Licences


Open content licensing is a way for the author or rights holder of a copyright work to grant a wide range of permission for use and re-use of their work via a non-transactional copyright licence without requiring the user to request permission every time they wish to use the work. These types of licences, typified by the Creative Commons suite of licences, can be used by information professionals wishing to find pre-licensed content, as well as, in some circumstances, providing access to content they wish to make accessible.

As the Government increasingly pushes for public sector organisations to make their content freely and openly available, there are many issues associated with use of Creative Commons licences. This course will explore these issues within a scenario-based learning environment, looking in depth at their pros and cons as well as discussing specific case studies.

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This course has no pre-requisites.

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If you are considering either using open content licensed images or are thinking of making your images available under an open content licensing scheme then this course is a must. It looks at both the positive and negative aspects of these schemes enabling you to make an informed decision.


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